Crop circles, dowsing and psychic connection

by Freddy Silva, © 2000


During the 1999 crop circle season I undertook a closed experiment to track forthcoming crop circles via dowsing. Since crop circles have been proved to materialize at intersecting lines of the Earth's electromagnetic currents, the aim was to see if a correlation existed between one event and subsequent manifestations, or whether the crop circles were simply appearing at random. Four people, mostly in America, were kept informed of this confidential experiment as it progressed, so as to prove the findings and predictions.

The test area was based on the groupings of circles around the Avebury stone circle, since this is perhaps the world's most active crop circle location.

The first crop circle below Milk Hill generated a line that extended eastwards to the East Field at Alton Priors, a standard location for crop circles in prior years; the other line ran off in the direction of Roundway but was not active at the time.

When a serpent design appeared at Alton Priors it did so upon the said east/west line from Milk Hill (a second formation nearby later proved to have been hoaxed, and it did not register any EM energy). The serpent design carried within its tilted head a third line that extended northeast towards the Neolithic hill fort at Uffington.

Nailing the precise location along these lines where the next formation was to appear was problematic at first- particularly since these geodetic lines encircle the entire globe. That was until the next crop circle appeared at Sugar Hill. By dowsing back at Alton Priors and establishing the length in miles to the following pattern, a protocol was established which, as the season progressed, could be fine-tuned to the degree that predictions became less than two fields away from actual manifestation.

Given this route, the Sugar Hill formation gave precise coordinates for the next crop circle below Hackpen Hill. This pattern followed for the rest of the season (see diagram right). Although many more crop circles appeared throughout this 40-mile radius, very few dowsed for EM energy or contained physical evidence particular to genuine crop circles; while it is believed a good number of formations were hoaxed, a number of genuine designs could not be included in this diagram due to logistics of keeping track of all crop circles that season.

The biggest problem of this exercise revolved around timing. Time is a purely human invention which seeks to delineate a point of reference on this third dimensional world. Dowsing or intuitive faculties, however, connect with a realm in 4-D, where time is not relative to the 3-D world (this is already an established theory in quantum physics. When accessing these faculties it is almost impossible to predict any event with perfect accuracy with regard to time simply because the two frames of reference are incompatible; even the most prominent psychics- some of whom have 100% track records helping police solve murder cases or finding missing persons- find pinpointing future events difficult, at best. Isabelle Kingston, the channeller who has for two decades predicted crop circles with remarkable accuracy, acknowledges this, even though she is rarely more than 24 hours out in her predictions.

During this summer, however, I linked up with another psychic, Jane Ross, who has on many occasions predicted formations with remarkable accuracy. Together with Isabelle Kingston and researcher Paul Vigay, I shared my prediction that the major formation of 1999 would materialize at Roundway, a fact that all three unanimously agreed with.

When Jane arrived from America I took her one afternoon to the prominent hill at Roundway and showed her the field most likely to contain the upcoming formation. Using her abilities, Jane felt the energy was actually swirling two fields away. We could see this whirlpool of liquid air rotating counterclockwise a few feet above the wheat. Jane felt that the formation was already programmed into the spot and would materialize Friday night/Saturday morning, so we felt we should set up watch that night, particularly as the lookout point was some 300 feet above the field and provided an excellent opportunity to capture a crop circle forming. I took the extra step of booking a plane to fly over the formation at the first available opportunity on Saturday morning (the site was not revealed to the pilot).

When Friday night came we were ready to drive to Roundway Hill, complete with cold weather gear, flasks, and the sheer excitement of finally being witnesses to a crop circle forming. But as the moment of departure approached, a sudden tiredness overcame us, and as much as we wanted to go and stake out the event, we were simply overpowered by an overwhelming desire to sleep.

At eight o'clock on Saturday morning I kept my appointment with my pilot and instructed him to fly over Roundway. He didn't see the point as he'd flown over the site at 9 PM the previous evening, and said that the area in question was devoid of crop circles. But as the mist cleared below, a massive imprint revealed itself- a double heptagram which easily dwarfed the nearby electricity tower (above).

Later I asked the farmer for permission to examine the formation. We lasted about seven minutes inside it before succumbing to severe dehydration and nausea. The dowsing pattern of energy was also the highest ever recorded, with hundreds of ripples emanating from the epicentre. This was corroborated by Jane's channel who said that we had been deliberately made to avoid the area in question that night because the energy used to generate the crop circle would have been extremely detrimental to our physical health.