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Dowsing is an intuitive technique requiring angled rods or pendulum to locate areas of energy. The nervous system, being electromagnetic (EM) in nature, reacts to the electromagnetic charge of an area or object, and the muscle response transfers to the rods.

As such, dowsers are capable of locating anything they seek, because fundamentally all matter- and spirit- is a collection of EM waves. Dowsing is used on a regular basis by major oil companies to search for billion-dollar deposits, and by utility companies locating dangerous buried cables; the most common form of dowsing is locating water supplies for well drilling. Dowsing requires practice and objective concentration, and although anyone can dowse to a degree, it is the experience and the objectiveness of the person which carries the accuracy of the results. Hence, when it comes to crop circles, many people claim to distinguish a real crop circle from a fake by dowsing, yet they approach to formation with a deep sense of belief that the formation is real; hardly surprising, the rods will react to this belief. This technique serves no purpose other than to cloud realistic results and confuse matters for the uninitiated.

While I do not claim to be an expert dowser I have been practicing and learning for some five years, and have studied by example from the acknowledged expert on crop circle dowsing, the late Richard Andrews. Richard's incredible volume of work on crop circles since the mid-eighties attests to the nature and interaction of EM energy lines where crop circles appear (some call these ley lines, although the terms telluric or geodetic current are perhaps closer to the mark). Richard's careful work is mainly based on looking for these geodetic lines around 3ft above the ground; this is the area of the Solar Plexus chakra through which, Hindu philosophy maintains, the energy of the universe enters the human body. As such, the body is able to access a kind of astral reference library that is unconstrained by time and space. Experiments in the 60s proved that the body is most receptive to electromagnetic currents at this specific energy centre.

My dowsing of crop circles has determined various features:

  • All genuine crop circles are aligned with the crossing points (nodes) of linear geodetic lines.
  • Their size and shape is determined by the width and polarities of these lines.
  • The EM energy is detectable at the very physical perimeter of a crop circle, indicating that a shielding element is in place.
  • Concentric rings of energy radiate outward from the crop circle, and continue in bands beyond the physical design- like ripples in a pond. These can continue to be picked up up to a half mile away from the visible crop circle.
  • Radial lines of energy emanate from the centre of the design.
  • All the above are common to stone circles, menhirs, dolmens, cairns, long barrows, tumuli, old churches, cathedrals and other ancient sites of worship and invocation.
  • Hoax crop circles have no dowsable energy pattern. The exception to this rule is a group of people meditating with focused intent inside a crop circle; the energy pattern established by the mind (a collection of EM wave forms and frequencies) will generate a concentric ring pattern, which neither conforms to the design of the physical crop circle, and will not linger. On the other hand, such a pattern in genuine crop circles will still be present over a year after the physical pattern was laid down.


Let's now look at some examples of dowsing patterns in crop circles.

Beckhampton 1998
East Field 1999
Locating the makers of crop circles through dowsing, or The Story of Two Crop Circles